Sat. Sighting: Say Hello to their Little Friend

The photos in Lindsay McCrum's photography book are stunning.

The message is also clear: Don't mess with these armed ladies.


Kenneth said...

The Huff Post finds these images "unsettling". Of course they do.

I like the concept of this book, though I don't see myself paying $30 to get a copy.

TCC said...

It'll probably a little cheaper in the near future. I, too, like the anti-victim concept.

Ed said...

I make this clear -- I don't want anything to do with a girlfriend who isn't strong enough to stand up to me on something that she feels strongly about.

The next line, of course, is that I am still going to believe what I believe but the fact that she feels so strongly about something will catch my attention.

And the most important point is not if girls have guns but when people start acting as if every girl was armed...