Mmmm: Betty Crocker Lives On

This past weekend I attended the Taste of Home: Cooking School which (largely) benefited St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

It was sponsored by my favorite grocery store, Meijer. I was hoping to win free groceries (or any of the other excellent door prizes), but my name wasn't called during the many drawings. Not once. (Maybe not filling out the drawing card that was placed in my goodie bag diminished my chances.)

This is how the middle section of the auditorium looked an hour before the show was to start. Eventually hundreds of people - majority femmes - showed up. For a minute I felt like I was at a NOW convention. But, nah, the ladies were too pleasant and too practical.

Potted mums, state-of-the-art appliances, eggs with pink ribbons ... it's a grand time to homemake in America in 2011.

One of the ten recipes that were demonstrated. This one made my mouth water. I also liked the 'pumpkin whoopie pies' which seemed like an ideal pick-me-up for a fall get-together. (Pick-me-up/ fall get-together? Hmm, that sounded suspiciously like rah-rah copy for a cooking magazine.)

This is Dana Elliott, the "culinary specialist" that efficiently talked us through the recipes. She is snarky-funny. Celebrity chefs with PERSONAS are all the rage these days, no?

Estrogen city! The lady with the funky witchy hat was a model. (See below.)

This gal (fab red curls!) was one of the models in the fashion show in which all the clothes displayed were from a second-hand shop - Gold Mine Resale Shops - aimed at helping damsels in distress. (One of those women's resource center endeavors.)

One of the goodie bag gifts - sturdy wooden spoons are never out of fashion.

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