Rick Snyder: Governor Globalist

Say what? Gov. Rick Snyder, the Wolverine State's Republican RINO governor (who was a venture capitalist and Gateway computer president in his previous, private-sector life), thinks more immigration will solve Michigan's economic crisis.

Snyder's interview below, with Dan Rather, exposes this economite's disdain for most of Michigan's 'regular joe' residents. The only person that made any sense is the Teamster.

The fearless Tamyra Murray, who continues to work on behalf of immigration reform in Lansing, has this to say about Ricky's interview with Rather:

"The Governor thinks it is possible to solve the job crisis by using the same outdated methods, used 100 years ago? In 1911, horse and buggy meant transportation. In 2011, we drive hybrid vehicles to go greater distances. In 1911, there were more jobs than workers. Today we have more workers than jobs. Back then, we had to bring immigrants into the country to solve the worker shortage. Today, we do not need to bring more workers to solve the job shortage. In Detroit alone, 1 in 5 people are unemployed.

Governor Snyder thinks more is better. This country already grants citizenship to one million immigrants each year. That one million does not take into account the number of illegal aliens that migrate here each year. State governments and municipalities, as well as the federal government, are in great financial distress. Knowing that 2/3 of immigrant households get assistance from the government, whether it be in the form of food stamps, social services, or healthcare, this is not sustainable. How big will the burden get before we say enough is enough? Is Snyder even taking this into consideration?"

Tamyra, on the right in the foreground, at a Protect American Jobs Rally


Ed said...

Didn't Gateway Computer go out of business?

Enough said?

TCC said...

There's still a website:


I think they aren't the powerhouse (at least in the US) they once were.