Friday Fun: Range 3000

Week 6 of Citizens Public Safety Academy: Handguns.

This is a (too dark!) photo of one of the officers giving us a demo with the Range 3000/MILO Decisional Shooting Simulator. My classmates and I took turns using this state-of-the-art computerized system to fire (unloaded) guns at the targets.

We also received a practical (as opposed to philosophical) talk about firearms and safety from a former police chief, Mel Hill, who now teaches law enforcement at Kirtland Community College. He explained why many police departments favor Glocks over Sigs, and how some bullets can travel up to a mile, and so on. (The class enjoys the trivia, as much as the substantial content.)

Next week: A ride-along (in a police car) on Halloween evening.


Kenneth said...

I'd curious as to why he thinks more departments favor Glocks over Sigs. I suspect the primary inducement is money, Glocks are much cheaper.

IMHO, they are both fine pistols.

Sound like you're enjoying this program!

TCC said...

He said something about less parts and rust, but, no doubt, cost effectiveness is also a reason ... I think he, too, liked both guns. The program is much more intense and interesting than I anticipated.