The Volunteer Spirit ... in a War Zone

America's best-known super-sized homeschool family, who live in Arkansas, are heading to Joplin, MO to provide assistance to tornado victims. (As of today, the media is reporting a mindboggling 117 118 122 124 deaths.)

Several of the Duggars are volunteer firefighters; training that ought to come in handy as the Show-Me State faces this catastrophe.

On a personal note: I've been through and to Joplin many times. The small city exudes that quintessential Heartland-Midwestern vibe - a wonderfully unpretentious place. Now the city's recovery will be so heartbreakingly arduous, even with all the help and prayers they'll receive from hospitable Missourians and unselfish Americans. All those displaced people ... so sad.

Update: Say it ain't so! More twisters coming to the plains and coming to Joplin!? How horrible.

Update 2: Various ideas on how to lend a helping hand.

Update 3: At least 60 injured in Oklahoma and 4 7 8 deaths.

Update 4: Still looking for Baby Skyular. Praying, praying.


Allan Wall said...

I know what you mean, as I used to live in Joplin.
God be with the people of that city, they have a lot of work before them.

TCC said...

I didn't know that, Allan. I've been struck (via interviews) how sweet and sincere the Joplinites seem despite their suffering.