Thomas Lee Family Update

The Lee Home, Pre-Tornado

Earlier this month I blogged about Tom Lee, the heroic homeschooling father of 13, who died saving members of his family during the recent tornado outbreak that devastated north/central Alabama.

I communicated with the late Mr. Lee's cousin, Jimmy Horton, who shared that a furniture company is going to donate a full house of furniture and that there has been an "outpouring of support" for the heavily-impacted family. Before the tornado hit, the Lees lived a modest, homesteading-type lifestyle.

If you are also interested in making a donation to the Lees, please contact me for further information.

The Lees have a website in which Sherry (Mrs. Lee) did report some gratifying news: "Our son and daughters are out of the hospital now and are healing nicely. Two daughters require physical therapy and are using a wheelchair and a walker, but full recovery is expected."



Callie said...

Our family friends are connected with the Lee family through church. Though my family is in Alabama, I now live in Alaska and my coworkers and friends up here would like to know the best way to donate. Can checks be made out to Mrs. Sherry Lee?

Thank you!

TCC said...

Hello Callie, Yes, and if you need more information please email me. See "contact."

Rachel said...

Could you contact me by email as my husband and I hope to see the Lees soon...thanks...asap