Globo-Socialist and Possible Serial Rapist

Dr. Ron Paul, passionate critic of globalist financial schemes, offered his thoughts about Dominique Strauss-Kahn (pictured, right), the International Monetary Fund head who was apprehended in New York City on an attempted rape charge. "These are the kind of people that are running the IMF and we want to turn the world finances and the control of the money supply to them," Paul said. "That should awaken everybody to the fact that they ought to look into the IMF and find out why we shouldn't be sacrificing more sovereignty to an organization like that and an individual like he was."

Character counts! Thank you, Dr. Paul, for telling it like it is.

DSK is 62 years old and was arrested “on charges of criminal sexual act, attempted rape, and an unlawful imprisonment in connection with a sexual assault on a 32-year-old chambermaid in the luxury suite* of a Midtown Manhattan hotel yesterday.”


*$3000 a night!

Aside: This unnecessary attack on Ron Paul (described as the "butt of jokes) by a Tea Party 'insider' (big whoop) reveals a pettiness in character. Note to Warner: What the AP wrote was a compliment, Dude.


Kenneth said...

As a friend of mine pointed out, back in the day, the aristocracy could have their way with the chamber maids and other lower life forms as part of their birthright. Today's Masters of the Universe assume the same thing.

TCC said...

Same old, same old. At least there's forensic evidence at the disposal of we, the plebes.