Sherry Lee Presses On: Bless Her Heart

Mrs. Lee, widow of Tom Lee and mother of 13, has a prayer request.

Via her blog, this is for one of her sons who was badly injured when the tornado hit their Alabama home.

She writes: "Jacob (in the photo) was pinned face down between the piano and a large beam for hours after the storm. He was carried to the triage center and the hospital that night and received excellent care, but we noticed days after his release that he only smiles with one half of his mouth. I asked our doctor friend what he thought and he asked if Jacob could close his eyes. I never would have even thought of that. He checked Jacob and found that he could not close both eyes completely. He recommended that I take him back to see the neurologist, and I am so grateful. My step brother is also a medical professional and recommended the same thing. The neurologist saw him immediately and gave him a prescription and eye drops. My prayer request is that Jacob's nerve damage will heal nicely and that his eyes will be protected."

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