Another May Day Casualty

This letter appeared in the most recent Amherst (MA) Bulletin.

"Tea party member angered by vandalism"

To the Bulletin: I would like to thank the person or persons who vandalized (keyed) my car while it was parked at the Dion Tack Shop on Route 116 in Amherst on May 1, causing over $4,000 in damage. As it was the only car vandalized in the middle of the day on a Sunday, in a rural area devoid of street gangs and foot traffic, I have no doubt it was targeted by a patron of the Dion Tack Shop because of the "Tea Party Patriot" bumper sticker on my rear window and not because it bore a Connecticut license plate!

Happening on the celebrated communist holiday of May Day also gives one insight into the mind of the individual, if such persons could actually think for themselves. Thank you for proving once again that you who claim the high road and accuse those having opposite political views of being intolerant and hateful will stoop to the level of street punks, themselves hateful and self-righteous in addition to being common criminals.

I also thank you for demonstrating that Amherst, Smith and Hampshire colleges have not only not instilled civility in the populace but foment such actions through infiltration by radical, left-wing professors of the Bill Ayers persuasion.

People have had enough and this nation has woken up. Our difference is that we're not street punks or paid protesters but hard-working, self-made people in a country where the freedom to excel also gives you the freedom to act as you do. I believe you're actually doing good for this country by demonstrating who and what you are. Keep it up. You're precisely what's wrong with this country.

Our current, but soon-to-be-former leadership encourages actions such as yours by painting the opposition with his and your own attributes. The left calls us ignorant, greedy, self-centered, misguided, intolerant, hateful and racist -- just a few of the many epithets the left wing uses to denigrate the opposition. By your actions you're proving your hypocrisy.

Happily, your message is getting through loud and clear. No one we've spoken to, police included, shows any surprise this could and would happen where it did.

Steve Podhajecki
Norfolk, Conn.

TCC note: Steve generously volunteers with the ambulance service pictured above. Poor guy.

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