When Northampton Inspired ...

In 2008, Northampton, MA was the setting for a particular type of transgender pride celebration. Or, as activist Brian Camenker calls it, a spectacle of "body mutilation on parade." Go here to view the photos (Yes, they are disturbing.) and see the results of going to war with one's hormones.

In contrast, in 1836, landscape painter Thomas Cole created this haunting, yet lovely, image called "The Oxbow."

It's also known as "View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm." Cole pays homage to the Creator, His creation, and the Northampton of yesteryear.


Kenneth said...

As to the photos of the Transgender Pride Celebration in NoHo---ugly and stupid.

Brian Camenker said...

What the photos we took unfortunately don't show is how disturbed, angry, and dysfunctional these people seem to be. And doing these things to their bodies does not improve things for them, but makes it worse. It is very sad. The "transgender rights" bills the state wants to pass will in fact help cause more gender identity confusion.