Sun. Inspiration: Purity Ring Drama Group

Purity Ring Drama Group of Northern Michigan

Yesterday my family attended a play, based on The Witch of Blackbird Pond, a novel by Elizabeth George Speare, that was performed by the Purity Ring Drama Group.

The faith-based PRDG is made up of homeschoolers, so a passel of (mostly) 16-year-olds played the lead roles. The two-hour production, which included the singing of psalmodies, was so well done that the only acceptable response at the end (from me, at least) was a standing ovation. From the sets to the costumes to the acting to the tempo to the tone to the lighting to the program to the intermission refreshments to the auditorium - it was an all-around enjoyable, edifying, and entertaining endeavor.

Bravo, young people (and your supportive parents)! Bravo Julie Peurasaari, (who wrote the script)!

If you are unfamiliar with Speare's historical novel, it's set in the colonial era in Connecticut and features a free-spirited gal named Kit Tyler who leaves Barbados to come live with her extended family, the Woods. Matthew Wood, the patriarch, and his wife and two daughters, are a proper, but loving, group of Puritans. Kit gets into trouble befriending the so-called witch of Blackbird Pond who is just a lonely, kindly Quaker widow named Hannah Tupper. The wholesome story includes courting, government, family, and religion dramas, but it's written so that young teens would have no problem following the plot. The beloved American classic remains a classic due to a new generation of readers - and youthful thespians - discovering it.

P.S. A photo of the cast without the theatrical makeup and historic period costumes.


Ed said...

We live in an increasingly bi-polar world -- we have groups like this and then we have the proposed new UMass Code of Student Conduct which includes this provision:

II.D.8 Bathroom Policy
Students and their guests must only use or enter bathroom facilities that correspond to their
gender identity.

It is bad enough to have to have bathrooms for the confused, but now in the "Alice in Wonderland" world of Planet UMass, you are the gender you think you are, simple things like biology and anatomy notwithstanding, and anyone not understanding and supportive of this will be expelled from school.

So I look at a picture of teenagers in flannel shirts and such -- "normal" kids -- and then I think about how I will be in violation of a different section of this new code for having written that line. After all, we aren't allowed to call those who can't figure out basic anatomy "confused."

TCC said...

Ed: All the more reason to be grateful for the conservative counterculture, as the New Dark Ages presses on.

Ed said...

"Counterculture" may be the right term - and I have long felt that we are on the cusp of dramatic social change.

Maybe history will repeat itself, maybe we shall overcome....

Russell said...

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