Thomas Lee: Father of 13 Dies in Storm

Mr. and Mrs. Lee

A Nazarene news website reported this heartbreaking news: "So far, neither the Alabama South nor North districts have reported deaths among Nazarene families; however, South District Treasurer Jimmy Horton said his cousin, Thomas Lee, in Ashville, Alabama, was killed in the storm.

Lee has a large family, 13 children, and was the only wage-earner. His wife was a stay-at-home mom and home schooled the children. The youngest child is three years old and the oldest two are out of college.

'He was a very good Christian man,' Horton said."

This blogger has posted more photos of Mr. Lee who was 64 years old.

A Birmingham police reporter writes that several of the Lee children were severely injured, but that the family has a great deal of support while they go through this terrible ordeal.

As of last night, the death toll was 329.

Update: 337. :<(

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