Hey from Oklahoma City

Bummer about 1070, eh?

Probably won't be blogging until the weekend, but want to share that I had long visit with one of the primary winners of yesterday's election in Oklahoma. That'd be Mark Costello who is running for the statewide office of labor commissioner. Mr. Costello won with 57% of the vote and made immigration a pivotal campaign issue. Needless to say, he's very, very excited about his victory and the opportunity to press on.

My talk to the 100 or so folks affiliated with the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee went well. Thank you, OCPAC, for the lively exchange during the Q&A about the Southern Poverty Law Center, Bill Ayers, Glenn Beck, Plyer v. Doe, and education. It was also a blast to visit with old friends, who faithfully go to the OCPAC luncheons, like Stephanie West, mother of the new Miss Oklahoma, Emoly West.

I got invited to be on the "Senior World" radio show to discuss 'This is not your father's immigration.' The show airs on Newsradio 1000 KTOK. If you care to listen, or learn more, here's the website.

Update: My thanks to the show's hosts - Glen Howard (in the photo) and Jim Orebaugh - who are engaged conversationalists. We chatted about illegal immigration, George Soros, Andrew Breitbart, and God. Is this a great country or what?

Interesting OK congressional race sidebar: Conservative Christian James Lankford, a political unknown who didn't try to play the Teaparty card (although he could have capitalized on that), managed to steal the show via an unusually effective grassroots campaign. Read about it in Politico.

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