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RE: Governors gathering in Beantown and other Bay State illegal immigration news.

At the meeting of the National Governors Association, some of the Democratic guvs aired their doubts (albeit self-serving ones) regarding the ObamaAdmin's gratutious lawsuit against Arizona. Maybe the White House will listen to their concerns about J-O-B-S.

Meanwhile, the NYT made this claim about Governor Jan: "Ms. Brewer, whose presence spurred a raucous protest around the downtown hotel where the governors gathered."

Raucous? Really? Magery Eagan, the Boston Herald's longtime bleeding-heart liberal columnist, described the anti-Brewer turnout as "measly."

Ms. Eagan (in the photo), exhibiting Tom Tancredo-like spunk, also crafted this pair of paragraphs about the Massachusetts immigration vibe: "On one side are Cambridge holier-than-thous - untouched, as usual, by the real-world consequences of their lofty ideals. Ironically, they’ve been weeping for weeks over Gulf fishermen losing their jobs to Big Oil’s big spill. Yet they’re unsympathetic to the local carpenters, painters, roofers, etc., who’ve been losing jobs for years to 'undocumented workers,' the Cantabrigian’s preferred term.

Their favorite argument: Illegals do jobs Americans won’t. You have to wonder about that one, too, considering what happened after a raid by federal agents three years ago on the Michael Bianco Inc. factory, a military contractor in New Bedford. After the feds arrested 360 illegals at their supposedly unwanted jobs, Americans rushed in to fill them. And that was before this near-depression."

Muy bueno, Margery.

Nuisance Indeed. In contrast, Nick Grabbe (full disclosure: I know Nick), of the Amherst Bulletin, wrote a one-sided article (with the obligatory swipe at "anti-immigration vigilantes" and white folk) about a Bay State twenty-year-old (Remy Fernandez-O'Brien) who traveled to the southern border and enthusiastically volutuneered for an outfit called, "No More Deaths."

This is Remy's idea of humanitarian assistance to illegal interlopers: "At every hilltop, the group would shout, 'Don't be afraid, we're not border patrol. We are volunteers and we have water and food.' "

American Patrol snarkily describes this type of activism as Reconquista Nuisances. "No More Deaths" bears a similarity to the Human Shield Movement (which had a brief shelf life).

When he's not saving trespassers or trashing American sovereignty, Remy, a privileged Ivy League student, is an enterprenuer. Get your Snoop on!

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