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Former congressman Virgil Goode (pictured) isn't shy about using the "m" word. That is, moratorium. Writing for Human Events, he notes that a time when the unemployment rate hovers at 15 million, immigration numbers haven't decreased. They've actually increased.

The brutal truth and the cold facts: "America issued 1,130,818 permanent green cards, 808,478 of which were given to immigrants of working age. This is an increase over 2008 and 2007. Excluding the extra green cards given after the 1986 amnesty, this was the second highest number of green cards issued since 1914. From 2000 though 2009, we issued 10,299,430 — the highest decade in American history.

In addition to the green cards, the government issued 881,840 temporary work visas and gave refugee or asylum status to 96,721 aliens. The total increase to the American workforce was 1.75 million foreign workers. According to the Census Bureau, 1 out of every 6 workers is foreign born."

Meanwhile, Iraqi refugees resettling in Michigan, are learning the hard way that the American dream is not only unattainable in a sluggish economy, the government's generosity has limits.

Which all goes to show how our leaders have lacked discretion and common sense in implementing immigration policies. The biased Obama Administration, now eager to do battle with Arizona and now declaring members of the New Black Panther Party above the law, means our national headache just reached migraine status.

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