Here Comes Da Judge?

Brian Sandoval is running for governor of the Silver State. He's been a federal judge, attorney general, and chair of the the Nevada gaming commission. Ambitious fella.

Here's how he's pitching his immigration position:

"I oppose amnesty. As a Federal Judge, I saw both sides of the immigration issue. It was my duty to sentence undocumented immigrants for their crimes, but it was also my honor to swear in new Americans and to see the smiles and pride on their faces as they completed the process of becoming a citizen."

That's a good way to have it both ways.

Judge Sandoval just won his Republican primary, and, according to this news report, his support for SB 1070 (How many times have you read about that bill on this blog?) is alienating liberal Latino voters. Meanwhile, Chuck Muth, the conservative writer, thinks he's is a RINO because the man won't sign a Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

If Brian Sandoval wins in November - and he has a commanding lead over his Democratic opponent Rory Reid (Dingy Harry's son) - he'd become Nevada's first Hispanic governor.

Depending on what side of the aisle you're on, he'd also be the first ultra-conservative Latino to win the office, or the first liberal Republican Latino to run the state.

On the issue of clothing there's no gray area: the Judge is a snazzier dresser than Rory.

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