The Iron Lady Rests

Ah, the classy Mrs. Thatcher. Perhaps the best and bravest female political leader the modern world has known.

Back in 1998, I heard her speak in Springfield, MA and wrote an opinion piece about how her visit attracted a throng of left-wing protestors. Jolly good fun!

Since I was 'pro-Thatcherite' (although, honestly, I did find her talk a little boilerplate), the letters of dissent came came fast and furious.

But this wasn't the first time I saw her in action.

My mom and I visited London (back in my salad days). We happened to walk by 10 Downing Street, as the prime minister - impeccably dressed - came out the door. I even managed to snap a photo, like a paparazzi.

 I should go dig the pix out of the basement and scan it and post it, shouldn't I? In the meantime, a video where the Iron Lady brilliantly rails against wealth redistribution, the European central bank, and the liberalism of the MPs in her midst.