Sun. Inspiration: Collin Klein, Waiting on God's Will

Collin Klein, the Kansas State quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate and all-around clean-cut guy, was not selected during the 2013 NFL draft. Not in round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

However, it looks like his wish, to be an NFL player, may still come true.

K-Stated reports: "Interested teams began calling as soon as the draft ended, and he [Klein] was quickly presented with several quality options.

After evaluating them with his family and his agent, he decided to sign a free-agent contract with the Houston Texans.

'Everything happens for a reason,' Klein said by phone. 'I’m so happy to be able to compete and be a Texan.

Klein will soon travel to Houston and compete for a roster spot at the team’s rookie camp. He said the Texans are interested in him as a quarterback ... "

Read more here: http://blogs.kansas.com/kstated/2013/04/27/after-going-undrafted-collin-klein-excited-to-sign-free-agent-deal-with-houston-texans/#storylink=cpy

Here's part of his tweetCollin Klein @ckleincat7

I am so excited and honored to be given a chance to compete for the Houston Texans!

Great attitude!

About the photo: I snapped Collin at the Heisman press conference in NYC, Dec. 2012.

Religious QB Update: The fellow Collin is most frequently compared to has been released from the Jets. Canada, Tim?