Of Dodgeball and Orphans

As another squishy school board is cracking down on the'violent' game of dodgeball,
 it amounted to a subversive pleasure to attend a community-wide, bracket-style dodgeball tournament.

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Below are the photos I snapped of the silliness of (mostly) guys flinging and dodging pastel-colored rubber balls. Some of the participants donned fun, goofy get-ups. There was even a 'toilet bowl' championship game for the, uh, less gifted players. Proceeds from the tournament went toward a good cause - Central American orphans.

Oh, the violence, the violence ...

Purty colors.

Two members of the Hospitality Specialist team.

Requisite zombie.

A trio who were Rockin4theMan ... Man = God.


Winners of the Gold Toilet Bowl Cover - Psalms 91. (Yeah, that really is the team's name.)

Easy there, laddie. You wouldn't want to annoy the dodgeball police.