Property Rights and 'Peasants with Pitchforks'

Last week Tom Rice, a former American history public school teacher, gave an interesting talk on the United Nations and Agenda 21 at the Emmet County fairgrounds bldg. in Petoskey, MI.

He explained that Agenda 21 is not a treaty, a law, or even an executive order. But that A-21, a byproduct of the radical environmental movement, is 'soft law.' That sounds appropriately European ... and anti-American.

But this 'sustainablility' movement - a witches brew of draconian zoning laws, international building codes, and perpetual conservation easements - has gained momentum due to a push by local public officials.

What I also found interesting was the high level of interest on the topic - about 100 (very attentive) people turned out to hear him on a weekday night for a nuts-and-bolts, two-hour presentation.

Before the talk, folks perused the New American magazines that Tom, et. al., brought. Nice to see people - at a public venue - not glued to a smart phone! Nice to also see them so concerned about property rights.


                                                               Part of Tom's speech ...