True Grit: From Young Widow to Crimefighting Momma

A teenage mom and real-life Mattie Ross has become a heroine for exercising her right to defend her home and child: "Just days after a widow laid her husband to rest, she's forced to shoot a pair of intruders who showed up to her Blanchard (Oklahoma) home, threatening her and her 3-month-old baby.

One of the alleged burglars was killed in the gunfire.

Now, individuals are calling the Blanchard police, anxious to help the young woman and her baby.

They say an Oklahoma City law firm and a gun rights group have called to give financially.

Many others have stepped up to start funds and even give long-term support for the two.

Sarah McKinley, 18, (pictured) welcomed detectives in her home once again.

This time, it wasn't to collect evidence or to ask her questions about the recent shooting at her house.

Instead, it's to give her bags of gifts for her 3-month-old son."

Go Castle Doctrine!

More here and here.


Kenneth said...

This young woman demonstrated impressive presence of mind and courage under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. It is good to hear that her community is supporting her.

TCC said...

Agree - wholeheartedly.

C. D. said...

GOOD FOR HER! Hopefully, trash like that will think twice before trying something so stupid...except in the idiotic states like, NY, MD, and MA, and some parts of CA, where the homeowner's only legal right is to cower in a closet and hope the thugs don't kill them

Chris said...

Oops, missed the period.