Truckers Can No Longer Use Cell Phones

And bus drivers: "A new federal rule that bans truckers and bus drivers from using handheld cellphones took effect Tuesday, triggering the prospect of thousands of dollars in fines for drivers caught using their mobile phones.

The ban announced in late November calls for penalties of up to $2,750 against drivers caught talking on their handheld phones, and fines as high as $11,000 against their employers."

Three thoughts: 1. Outrageous fines!

2. Bluetooth-type manufacturers stand to make an even greater profit from this new law.

3. Why are only truckers and bus drivers being singled out?


Anonymous said...

The makers of the Blueparrott B250-XT are probably making a killing. Everywhere I searched this was the Blutooth for truckers. You look like a cyborg, but they seem to work well.

TCC said...

There you go! Bah. Thanks, Anonymous.