Friday Fun: Going Nuts

We are not bakers or a large family or survivalists or subscribe to a faith that encourages food stockpiling, and Santa Claus has come and gone. So how did 25 lbs of roasted, salted, mixed nuts sneak into my kitchen?


Anonymous said...

Story problem: If you only eat 1 pecan half per day from a 25# case of mixed nuts, how long will the bag of nuts last?

To answer your question. The man gave me a check and we in turn gave him a box of nuts. Maybe we could ask who gave him the check book?

TCC said...

"The man" - hmm. Sounds like a clue. A math problem? Hmm. Another clue. I think the 'Mystery of Who Placed the Salted Nuts on the Kitchen Counter' has been solved.

I spell C-O-U-N-T.

Anonymous said...

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