Workers' Comp Rates: National Study

The Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services just released its biennial study of national workers' compensation rates. It's available here.

According to the study, Montana has the country's highest workers comp. premium - $3.33 for every $100 of payroll. North Dakota has the lowest - $1.02.

The Montana Chamber of Commerce head - Webb Brown - is displeased with the report. Brown complained that the high premiums hurt "wage levels and Montana's image as a business-friendly state." Guess he'll have to speak with the Big Sky state's Labor Commissioner Kelly to determine if they can work together to enact reform.

In Oklahoma labor commissioner candidate Mark Costello is running on this plank: "I will advocate meaningful reform of the Oklahoma workers' compensation system where the injured are appropriately compensated and rates are reduced on those who produce jobs, the employer."

Oklahoma rated a high #4 ($2.87) on the Oregon study.

As you can guess, awarding workmens' comp to injured illegal immigrant 'employees' elicits criticism from immigration restrictionists. More here.

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