Oct. 31 Activism, Sightings in Northern Mich.

A few photos from the Take America Back/Get Out the Vote rally held, today, at Petoskey High.

I handed out free (intellectual) treats, so voters and concerned citizens won't be tricked (into supporting lawless policies). A "Dan Benishek for Congress" campagin worker kindly provided me with the card table.

Mr. Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, was the keynote speaker. He took a copy of "The Victims of Illegal Immigration" and said he appreciated its compact size.

Ms. Krista Branch, of Bixby, Oklahoma, is a former American Idol contestant. At my request, she graciously posed with this bumper sticker. (Mr. Mark Costello is my former Edmond, OK next-door neighbor.) Her signature song is "I Am America." Go here to listen.

Update: JennerationX's field report, about the rally, with lots of photos.

'Nother Update: Red Dirt Report says that Mr. Cain was wildly popular when he visited OKC.

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