"The Making of a Bearded Marxist"

The controversial essay by Christine O'Donnell's Democratic opponent in Delaware. Shocker: Chris Coons was a diehard Republican. Apparently, exposure to the liberals at Amherst College (and a trip to Kenya) caused him to switch to the other team. (Side note: The current president of Amherst is named Anthony Marx.)

The Witch v. The Marxist. Only in America. But I'd take a free-market witch over a bearded (or non-bearded) Marxist any day.

Update: Rampant sexual abuse, by school teachers, in that country that Coons is so fond of referencing.

'Nother Update: Kristin Wiig, of Saturday Night Live, cutely spoofs the "I'm you" O'Donnell ad:

Yet 'Nother Update: Provocative commentary by Jack Kenny, about statecraft v. witchcraft. I comment at the end.

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