The Hick Gets Hip; Educators Not Amused

Flocabulary, the hip-hop curriculum, continues to underwhelm.

Public school teachers in an Oklahoma City district (which has spent a good chunk of taxpayer monies for the tuneful way of teaching social studies, vocabulary, and math to at-risk students) have complained about the material.

Specfically the contents of the history section which uses rap to educate indoctrinate this pool of students (which likely includes new immigrants) against 'old dead white men' (translation: former presidents).

Take this ditty about Old Hickory: "Andrew Jackson, thinks he's a tough guy./ Killing more Indians than there are stars in the sky./ Evil wars of Florida killing the Seminoles./ Saying hello, putting Creek in the hell holes./ Like Adolf Hitler he had the final solution./ 'No, Indians, I don't want you to live here anymore.'"

Simplistic and crude. Not fair to the dude.

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