Victim: The Michigan High School Student

Adam Nevells: " ... captain of the wrestling team, the goalie for water polo, a saxophone player in the marching and concert bands, a Life Scout with Boy Scouts of America and student-at-large on the Martin Luther Chapel council in East Lansing. He also participated in the school TV studio, filming board meetings and school events."

The accomplished Adam died on Sept. 4, 2009. He was 17-years-old.

The Saturn he was driving was hit by a pick-up.

The pick-up was driven by Valeriano Acosta-Bautista who was operating the vehicle without a drivers' license.

This year-old article (from the Lansing State Journal), about the accident, does not reveal the perp's immigration status.

But TCC can confidently inform readers that Acosta-Bautista is an illegal.

Why wasn't fact this reported? It's a question worth posing to the newspaper and the reporter, Dawn Parker.

Adam Nevells is one of the many victims of our official immigration policy that is so very wrong and so very dangerous. Very belated condolences to the Nevells family.

Sidebar: A Facebook page dedicated to Adam.

Photo: Adam in all his youthful glory.

Hat tip: Kevin & Wayne.

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