For the 'Bitter Clingers'

Wayne LaPierre, of the National Rifle Association, has written a thoughtful column, about immigration, for the American Hunter magazine. It's not online, but you can request a PDF copy.

LaPierre mentions that the family of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz appeared, recently, at an NRA meeting in North Carolina (and received a standing ovation). He writes, " ... if any single event has charged the public demand for true border security by citizens all across our nation, it is the murder of Robert Krentz." Absolutely!

In the piece, he also brings up a Sheriff Arvin West, of Texas, who was a guest on ABC's Nightline and had this to say, "The saving grace here in America versus Mexico is [that] Americans are allowed to arm themselves. Mexicans aren't. The bad guys don't know who can shoot back ... "

Here's more about the sheriff's 'arm yourselves' message.

Addition: Rob Sanchez has blogged about Sue Krentz's (pictured) recent interview with a Phoenix television station. Rob's widow made this shocking statement: “One time in eight days we had 500 border-crossers removed off the ranch. And they say, for every one they catch, two to three get away."

The Krentz property has been confiscated without due process, no?

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Anonymous said...

Very good closing question!

Thanks to Sanchez and Vdare for renewing the topic -- and of course for KPHO for doing that fine interview with Sue Krentz.