Revisiting Ruby Ridge

Ever wonder what became of the former Green Beret Randy Weaver who had that terrible confrontation with federal agents in northern Idaho? The so-called standoff where his wife and young teenage son were murdered?

Randy now lives in northwestern Montana, and one of his daughters, Sara Weaver-Balter, has been speaking to the media, about her emotional ordeal.

Sara (and her family) received a $3.1 million settlement from the federal government. Randy, according to this Sandpoint, Idaho newspaper, "has only forgiven those who have admitted the truth, including four or five public officials who testified in court and a few others who later asked for forgiveness. That group, Weaver said, doesn’t include FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi or U.S. Marshal Larry Cooper and Art Roderick — the men responsible for the shootings."

Joe Farah wrote a graphic column about Horiuchi's 'handiwork' that will make you understand why he still feels this way.

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