"Arizona's Fight, America's Fight"

This $3 booklet (pictured) was recently published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. In addition to a glossy, colorful cover, it features a pair of essays by Victor David Hanson and Ralph Peters. There is always plenty to nitpick when a true-blue neocon like VDH chimes in. But, to be fair, when it comes to the peculiar problems associated with mass immigration, the man frequently gets it.

He writes, "The United States might have assimilated 100,000 new illegal arrivals, or dealt with a resident community of 2-3 million Mexican nationals. But the sheer volume of new arrivals and the enormous size of the existing alien population have resulted in virtual Mexican cities and towns all around the American landscape. In California, a Redwood City, Orange Cove, or Mendota - and dozens like them - are virtually Spanish-speaking unassimilated enclaves. Yet assimilation and integration require daily conatact with the so-called 'other.' ... today a Mexican national can live in America nearly as if he were in Mexico. The host has lost confidence in its own values. The old notion of the desirability of the melting pot has long passed."

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