A Word about Number 39

My newsfeed about the New England Patriot's 5-foot-8-inch dynamo is up. The title is Facing the Giants? A snap for Danny Woodhead.

Speaking of ... this is a corny, feel-good movie that I really liked.

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Ed said...

Boston Patriots v. New York Giants -- Boston Red Sox v. New York Mets, circa 1988 -- working class white kids struggling to pay for UMass versus the Affirmative Retribution black kids from NYC.

Tell me we won't have a race riot tomorrow.

What is not widely known is that the 1988 one was intentionally started by some black graduate students who wanted a racial incident to complain about but had no idea of just how big an incident they would get. Kinda like the guy who wrecks his car for the insurance but does a much better job at it than he planned and nearly kills himself.

They'll do it again....