Of Snippets, Inserts, & Groan-Worthy Humor

- A UMass sociology professor, who grew up in the libertine Netherlands, has written a book aggressively promoting teen sex. (Insert eyeroll icon followed by sad face icon.)

- Thanks to Fred for passing along this easy-to-digest article about the Federal Reserve. (Insert photo of Ben Bernanke as Darth Vader.)

- Viva Puerto Rico Libre! is Allan Wall's latest. (Insert upside down exclamation mark before the word "Viva.")

- Yesterday, USA Today ran an article called "Demographics evolve among home schools." There is a telling quote at the end of the piece by one Norma Curry who has a 24-year-old daughter she homeschooled into 'gainful employment.' (Insert smiley face icon.)

These are linserts. Get it?


Kenneth said...

Nice to know my tax dollars here in Massachusetts is supporting such profound and insightful scholarship.

TCC said...

Prof. Libertine deserves one your sharply-worded letters to the editor, Ken.