In a New York State of Mind

Dinesh D'Souza (pictured), who is now the president of King's College (a Hillsdale College-type school in New York City), debated Christopher Hitchens, the prolific writer and mouthy atheist, on the topic of Western Civilization and Christianity. Go here.

King's is located in one of my favorite skyscrapers - the Empire State building, a marvel of American ingenuity. King's mission statement, put out by President D'Souza, also has its charm:

"At King’s, we pursue academic excellence for the sake of building God’s kingdom as an unapologetically Christian college. That doesn’t mean we try to win arguments solely by citing passages from the Bible. Rather, we are Christians who recognize that we live in secular society and who understand that reason is not opposed to revelation—that reason is a valuable tool to discover and affirm the truths of God and creation. Moreover, we believe that the Bible isn’t merely about the next world, but that it has important things to say about economics, about war and peace, about ethics, and about human nature.

King’s is a new kind of Christian school. We don’t want to be of the world, but we do want to be in the world, influencing through the institutions that shape the world. While other Christian institutions shelter their students from the power centers of society, we prepare them to take their rightful place. While other colleges seek to protect and shelter faith, we go beyond that and teach students how to live from a Christian foundation in the ‘language’ of society’s strategic institutions. Not only can we defend our faith, but our faith informs every aspect of life and society."

It takes more than faith, though, to attend the pricey school - 100% of the student body is receiving financial aid. Yikes.

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