Educational Epcot (W/Out the Cool Rides)

Our ongoing national experiment in mindless, expensive multicultural education continues to go awry.

Take your pick in recent news items that make us old-school types go "Whaaa?" (Or, waaa.)

- The finding that Latino students are now the majority in California schools. How will 'American' history now fare? Meanwhile, the Cali Supremes say in-state tuition for illegals is ok.

- That using a story, written by Julius Lester (a respected black educator), as a 'teachable moment' in a lesson about slavery, can result in a lawsuit.

-That a visually-impaired Muslim gal gets to bring her guide horse to the University of Michigan (as well as ride on a public bus with the mini-horsey and bring it into a public restroom).

- That Reid Buckley, William F.'s brother, describes the spiritual X-factor that is missing in the education of today's young people.

In the photo: Epcot's Spaceship Earth

Update: Steve Byas reveals his 'bias' toward that silly Flocabulary curriculum.

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