U.S. Cabbies are Hosts & Heroes

File this one under "only in America."

Ever watched "Cash Cab"? You know, the show where unsuspecting New Yorkers get into sly Ben Baily's taxi and become contestants in a quiz show. The questions Ben gets to ask range from super hard to fairly easy. It's always amazing to watch a solo passenger answer question after question, correctly. But, of course, the Big Apple, for all its quirks, is the home to more than a few well-read characters. The perfect locale for an engaging show which also features mobile and street shout-outs.

And it's also the perfect place for real-life dilemmas to occur in real-life taxi cabs driven by real-life drivers.

Last month Felicia Lettieri, of Italy, left $21,000 in a NYC cab.

Mukul Asadujjaman, an American-Bangladeshi cabbie, discovered the cash, and had to answer a question or two of his own:

Do I keep the money?

Or, do I return it?

He chose well. He chose wisely. In fact, he went the extra mile to track down the likely distraught passenger. Mukul drove 50 miles to return Felicia's handbag which, besides the money, also contained passports and jewelry.

He didn't even accept a reward.

Good on you, Mukul.

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