Immigrant Finds Spiritual Riches

Aurelio Barreto III, the Cuban-born creator of Dogloo, Inc. and a self-made millionaire, achieved the American dream through ingenuity and hard work. But that wasn't enough for him. Mr. Barreto was hungry for than money and 'wordly' successes. Here's what he shares:

"Why was I no happier now than before I’d graduated to the millionaire club? I started wondering what would happen if I were to die, and why I was even born. What was the point?

I was a responsible, moral man; I loved my family and prayed every night, but I had never heard the gospel nor did I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In March 18, 1998, while visiting my children’s school (Woodcrest Christian in Riverside, California), I chatted with the school superintendent, Randy Thompson. He mentioned my daughter’s CoLene's faith, and I wondered out loud how a sixth-grade girl could possibly truly know God."

You can read the rest of his heart-felt story here, but some of you can already guess where this is going.

Mr. Barreto is also the founder of the C28* stores. A portion of the proceeds from purchases are donated to the ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ and Mercy Ships.

More about his spiritual odyssey in this interview.

C28 stands for the Bible verse Colossians 2:8 — “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.”

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