Debra Medina for Texas

Debra Medina, a native Texan and a Republican, is running for governor of Texas. She could be dubbed the "Tea Party" candidate or the "9-12" candidate. Mrs. Medina, age 47, is a well-spoken nurse, mother, wife, rancher, and homeschooler. Here's her official campaign site. She has been endorsed by U.S. Border Watch. Photos from the Open Carry BBQ.

Video 1 is her being interviewed by two (somewhat snotty) establishment journalists. She more than holds her own explaining why she wants to eliminate the property tax and why she's not a "spoiler" (She has to face Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson in the March 2 primary.) and why she wants to court the Latino vote. Videos 2 and 3 are her interview with Alex Jones, the antithesis of a snooty pundit. Mr. Jones, and his callers, are very excited about Debra's candidacy.

Update: Pastor Chuck Baldwin does a little cheerleading for Debra.

'Nother update: Debra's interview with G. Beck, about truthing, forces her to clarify her comments.

I don't think D.M. answered that question very well (perhaps, she was trying to be diplomatic?) given what she later said. However, Glen seemed to be indulging in a game of gotcha, because he has admitted he does enthusiastically agree with her 'states right' message.


Anonymous said...

Perry is proven. Texas is the best state right now. Medina is good on some things, but we don't need to get soft on capital punishment, we don't need to turn away from free trade (Texas is the #1 exporting state 8 years running), and we don't need to legalize drugs.

I just don't think Medina is everything some people are imprinting on her. She is like the Republican Obama. You can kind of imagine hope and change, but what does she really believe? How does she replace tax revenue of ending property taxes? Sales taxes would need to hit 25%. Or we would need to jack up business taxes or implement a new income tax.

I just need more specifics. With Perry, you know where he stands, and he is solid on 99% of issues. Hutchison is a joke.

Anonymous said...

SpartanDad says ... Perry IS proven - proven to be a big-government Republican in many ways. I think the idea behind Medina's property tax mission is to use the reduction of tax revenues to reduce the size and scope of government, which is oppressive everywhere. We don't need to have such a bloated state government. Free trade is killing this country; we ought to pursue FAIR trade. And where does Ms Medina advocate against the death penalty and for the legalization of drugs? That would concern me. On a personal note, any state that would give a truck driver a $140 ticket for not wearing a seat belt (me) needs some down-sizing.

TCC said...

In a debate with Perry and Hutchinson, the Houston Chronicle described Medina as "a political neophyte who came across as the only straight shooter in the studio" and "the adult in the room." Wow

Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/6819580.html

Anonymous said...

In response to one of the commentors:

1. Medina is pro-capital punishment. She's stated that clearly.
2. She is COMPLETELY free trade! You can't be a liberty loving Republican and NOT be free trade. Any confusion that might have been caused because of her reference to leaving NAFTA - that is because NAFTA is NOT free trade, it is MANAGED trade! Google 'NAFTA is not free trade' and do some reading.
3. Medina believes that TEXAS should decide how to handle our drug policy - NOT Washington. If Texans decide there is a better, more effective and efficient way of getting people off their addiction with drugs instead of just punishing them - then Texas has the right to do that!
4. Replacing property tax with an EXPANDED sales tax at worst will bring sales tax to 9%, and if done in the way she wants to, reduce it to 6%!

So please, stop spurting lies. If you weren't lying, then please, be a little more thorough in your research! Thank you.

Liberty in Texas,
Anthony Reed

TCC said...

Mr. Reed, thank you for the clarification.