Obsessed with Otherworldly Creatures

The Twi-hards have voted with their wallets, designer handbags, and credit cards.

This was the weekend they had been waiting for - for nearly a year - the weekend that New Moon (the sequel to Twilight) came to a theater near you.

The kitschy movie, featuring ancient vampires, teen-aged werewolves, and a love triangle, easily broke the opening-day box office record previously held by The Dark Knight, as well as other records.

Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen, the lead male character, is a Brit. RPattz's previous claim to fame was a minor role in one of the Harry Potter movies. Today, this pretty man-child is a bigger draw than DiCaprio.

So, apparently, there is one immigrant and some 'aliens' that a wide swath of the masses (especially of the female gender) are intensely interested in.

Bread and Circus - 1

Serious issues of the day - 0

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Steve Sailer said...

I haven't seen the movies, but in paparazzi shots, the actor always looks baked, as if the only way he can psychologically survive all the madness is to stay stoned until it all blows over.