The Clothesline Becomes a Political Symbol

Carin Froehlich is a domestic goddess who is mounting a silent (but effective) rebellion on behalf of property rights and energy-saving measures.

She deserves a golden clothespin for her efforts.

And to those spoiled snobs who dub her laundry habits as "trailer trash" - shame on you! Electric and gas dryers are a scarce commodity in the majority of the developing world, so most people do what Carin has been doing for years to get their clothing dry - hang them outdoors!

I'm guessing that Pennsylvania (where Carin lives) is also the most clothesline-friendly state in the union given the high percentage of Amish women who reside in PA and who don't utilize electric appliances.

Here's my newsfeed about her crusade against her busybody neighbors.

Update: A nifty photo of Carin doing her laundry thing. The American flags are a nice touch!

Update: Wrote a column-column for the Belgrade News about Carin's quest.

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Kenneth said...

Surely, if they can ban people for displaying an American flag they can ban the lowly clothesline. ;-)