CNN Won't Be the Same Without Lou

It's "Roberto Lovato Gets His Smug On" day.

This partisan hack is gloating and taking the credit for causing a patriot who has been sticking up for the marginalized American worker (for many years) for losing his job! (Yes, I know he abruptly quit, but I think the circumstances/special interest groups' pressure forced his hand.)

Lovato is affliated with the "New America Media" which is financed by the powerful Carnegie Foundation and several other left-leaning foundations which are eager to ingratiate themselves with herd-mentality "journalists" who have mastered the art of the put down, as opposed to doing the hard work of investigative reporting.

Some grass roots effort.

No offense to John King, husband of CNN's Dana Bash, (cozy, huh?) but I hope his show bombs.

New America = Censorship

P.S. The classy Eugene Katz Award, given to Mr. Dobbs for his excellent coverage on immigration, remains well-deserved.

Update: This column's headline turned out to be prophetc.

Update: Larry says it well: "To advocate freedom of speech but applaud its denial strikes me as hypocritical."


Anonymous said...

SpartanDad says: Well, CNN is now down to ... no one to tell the truth, no one to question the FedGov, no one to speak for Middle America and its workers, no one to justify it even being on the cable lineup. Adios, Sr. Dobbs, c u again soon, I hope ... maybe with Sr. Beck?

Anonymous said...

From Luther Brossa: Just wanted to send my deepest love and appreciation to Lou Dobbs, for his unflinching efforts at protecting what's left of our once-great nation. The special-interest-racists only amplify what they differ with; never did they point out his warnings against unfettered globalism; an economic fantasy that has yielded as much bitter fruit for ‘their’ people, as well as the rest of us. We will all be looking to Lou’s next ‘incarnation’ and what revelations he’ll deem worthy of release. May the gods protect him, his loved ones…and those of us who still believe in justice.