Tea Party Express in Petoskey/Northern MI

The Tea Party bus came to town, yesterday, and I (and 500 other folks) went to the fairgrounds to hear the speakers, and see the 3 beautiful coach buses that form the "express."

Nothing earthshattering to report except that I accidentally found myself standing next to Dan Benishek. He's a big, strong man (in the above photo with the red jacket), and now something of a local celebrity given all the national media attention he's been rating. We chatted for a couple of minutes. While he isn't a polished campaigner (dare I say he's even 'dull'), he did come across as down-to-earth, terse. (I'll take brief over blabbermouth any day.) Dr. Dan thinks the "border should be closed" (but didn't expound) and complained about illegals taking advantage of our generosity (e.g. overextending our public services). He's also very concerned about "jobs."

Will he be Bart Stupak's replacement? He smiled at that question.

The Tea Party Express didn't dawdle, as they were running behind schedule and had to go to where a crowd of 1,400 (and the sun) was waiting in Traverse City, home of Michael Moore. Yeah, that Michael Moore.

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