Michelle and Jim Bob plus 19

My piece about the Duggars is up at Big Journalism. Word of caution: The editor added a really salty quote from that unhinged critic of the family, Alan Bisbort of the Hartford Advocate. My apologies if you are offended (I am!) by the language, but it is what it is.

In the photo: My friends the Dortignacs (14 awesome children!*) with the Duggars. This photo was shot in southern California at Casa Dortignac while the gang was filming a segment for the Discovery Health Channel.

*plus two sons-in-law and one grandbaby

Update: The comments at Lucianne.com, about the Duggars, are worth a look. Boy (and girl), can this family start a conversation. I love it!

'Nother Update: I forgot to mention, in my piece, how 2 of the Duggar sons, who are volunteer firefighters, recently helped save a little girl's life. Go here.


FiveGreers said...

I remember when the Duggars came out for this shoot! We know both families and they are a lot of fun! With families this big there are always lots of conversations and activities going on. Pooh on those naysayers who complain about the families being too big- I say, the more the merrier! And we had some merry times with them!

TCC said...

I agree, FiveGreers, given the fun my small family and I had fellowshipping with the lively Dortignacs.