Meet Joan of America

In her hometown of Dallas, Holly Dutton is known as "Joan of America," because of the one-woman, 18-month long campaign she conducted on behalf of the "Free Ramos and Compean" cause. (Which, as many of you know, had a happy ending.)

Ms. Dutton recently wrote TCC about another issue she is passionate about: "Since the news media always featured pro-illegal (alien) Catholic leaders, I wondered for a long time if ANY Catholics besides my family and friends and other fellow patriots in the pews opposed illegal immigration. Then this past year Father (Patrick) Bascio's book On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration came out. It is so dynamic and factual! Better yet, it was great to find out that a noted Catholic clergyman actually opposed illegal immigration! I want Father Bascio to know that there are lots of Catholics who really appreciate patriots among our leaders!"

"Joan of America" (on the left) with Jose Compean and his wife, Patty. Cindy, another friend of justice, is on the right.


Anonymous said...

We at Fight PC love Joan and all she does!! She is one great Patriot!!

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Anonymous said...

Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement are PROUD of you!!!!!!!

Roan Garcia-Quintana said...


On behalf of the Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, I want to commend you for your persistance and hard work to save our nation from the selfish greedy interest groups!

Roan Garcia-Quintana
Executive Director