Costa Rica Overwhelmingly Picks a Mujer

Laura Chinchilla Miranda just made history by becoming Costa Rica's first woman president. Ms. Chinchilla, an attractive 50-year-old who is a mother to a teenage son, is a protege of Oscar Arias, the Nobel Prize winner and former president of the country. She also speaks English as she attended Georgetown University.

Laura's politics are progressive-conservative. Interesting mix, and if you know anything about the small Central American, you'll agree she's representative of the views held by a majority of 'Ticos.' As this article points out, "But most Costa Ricans were reluctant to shake up the status quo in a country with relatively high salaries, the longest life expectancy in Latin America, a thriving ecotourism industry and near-universal literacy."

However, the libertarian candidate also did well, in this presidential election, which is in keeping with Costa Rica's freewheeling side.

But there's immigration trouble in paradise. Costa Rican officials are restricting visas to Jamaicans, due to a spate of serious problems with Jamaican gangs who have illegally entered the country.

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