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Kris Kobach
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Kris Kobach is running for the office of secretary of state in Kansas. He has made a name for himself defending cities which want to reduce illegal immigration (think Hazleton), as well as U.S. citizens who have mounted a legal challenge against policies that give in-state college tuition rates to undocumented students. He is also representing the Bologna family against the sanctuary city of San Franciso. Tragically, Tony Bologna and his two sons, Matthew and Michael were murdered by an illegal alien MS-13 gang member. Details here.

Patriotic immigration reformers couldn't ask for a better guy "on their side." Kris is a family man, Eagle Scout, foreign mission worker, constitutional and immigration law professor at UMissouri/Kansas City, outstanding litigator, and Ivy League grad.

He's also the kind of teacher that makes a lasting impression. One of of Kris' former students - Garrett Roe - now works with him at IRLI. Chévere!

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