Evan-Jellos: Viva Amnesty!

What is the Board of Directors of the National Association of Evangelicals thinking? Are they thinking?

Advocating for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the NAE wants us to believe that countless law-breaking, gang-joining, job-stealing, accident-causing, tax-evading (you get the idea!) invaders from across the border deserve a place at the American table. What they really deserve is a free ride/flight back to their homelands, where they can enjoy family and church life in their own languages and cultures.

The NAE resolution states: "National borders must be safeguarded ..." and then argures for just the opposite. And if "sanctity of the human person and the incomparable value of family" are really important to them, let them start with the American 'human persons' and families that have been injured by the illegal workers taking their jobs and drunk drivers that have taken the lives of their family members.

NAE, our workforce will be better off without the illegals, and their 'family reunification' should occur back in their countries.

For the alternative evangelical viewpoint on this issue, please read this column written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin who also recommends this video.

Update: Dr. James Edwards writes about migration and the Bible.

Update 2: Backlash from within the NAE on the resolution.


Jim Gilchrist said...

The Minuteman Project welcomes the Castillo Chronicles to the national immigration debate.

Unlike Columbia and Harvard Universities, the Minuteman Project encourages debate on any issue regardless of one's stand on the issue at hand.

Welcome aboard, Castillo Chronicles. I passsionately encourage you to exercise your irrevocable right to free speech and peaceful assembly.

Jim Gilchrist, President and FOunder, The Minuteman Project

TCC said...

Thank you for the very warm welcome, Mr. Gilchrist!! Delighted you stopped by TCC.