Lawless in Kansas

Check out the 'Si se puede' protestors that gathered outside of  Kris Kobach's (Kansas Sec. of State and immigration-enforcement attorney) house. Yes, his home. Scary. Mr. Kobach, and his wife, are the parents of four little girls. Thankfully, the family was not there when the trespassers showed up.

Imagine 2050, a leftist outfit, had the gall to describe the invasion thusly:  " ... peaceful Sunday procession left a trail of shoes at his doorstep symbolizing parents separated from their children as a result of his draconian immigration policies. The crowd that gathered in front of Kobach’s home was made up of community activists and family members, including children, representing thousands of Kansans and others from across the country whose families have been shattered by Kobach’s aggressive attacks on immigrants."

Imagine such warped thinking.

Attorney Kobach champions rule-of-law.

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