Taking on the Gangsters

Just received this note from my amigo, Mike Cutler:

"This morning, Thursday, May 23rd at about 8:05 AM, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, I will be a guest on a terrific radio program: York's Morning News on Newsradio 910/WSBA York, PA

You can listen online at www.wsba910.com

I will be joining Gary Sutton and his co-host, Chris Tyler, to discuss the lunacy of 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' which was just passed by the Immigration Subcommittee in the Senate Chaired by New York’s Senior Senator, Chuck Schumer and a member of the “Eight Gangsters” who have now proven that they have nothing but contempt for American workers and their families and are willing to compromise national security to curry favor with the Chamber of Commerce and other campaign contributors.

If Comprehensive Immigration Reform is ever enacted, it would create unknown millions of heretofore illegal alien competitors for scarce jobs and provide international terrorists and members of transnational criminal organizations from around the world with opportunities to create brand new false identities to enable them to embed themselves in communities across the United States."

This is your country on 'comprehensive immigration reform'

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