Saturday Sighting: Structures of Note

Earlier in the week, I boarded a ferry to Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed - only horses and bikes. Once a year big shot politicos converge on the island. (They attend a policy conference at the Grand Hotel.)

While I wasn't charmed by the messes the hard-working horses made in the streets, I did like the variety of architecture I saw.

Like the Round Island Lighthouse. What a setting!

Notice the roof made of bark on this historic property located near downtown Mackinac Island.

This palatial Victorian has a water view.

Mackinac Island in the distance.

Back on land, near Mackinaw City, I checked out the McGulpin Point lighthouse. Here's what it looked like, before it was restored.

And this contemporary beach house at The Headlands, a dark sky park. Rent it for your group, and spend a weekend stargazing.

The upside of living in an underpopulated resort area is that there's always something interesting and pleasant to see, either made by God or by man.

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